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'Rule the Rail!' - Plan, build, control! Build model railway easily without limits on your screen
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Green Works
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9 November 2009

Editor's review

There is hardly any room for doubt over the fact that the gaming industry has slowly and gradually spread its wings over virtually every aspects of life. Today, there are games on fashion, farming, urban-planning and what not! Adding yet another name in that existing massive list of “unorthodox” game-genres, Green Works Ltd. has come up with their own rail-road simulator game called Rule the Rail! 1.5. The game has been designed particularly keeping in mind the needs of those, who want to build their own model railroads, but haven’t got anywhere till now owing to the lack of room to build one.

Rule the Rail! 1.5 comes with an excellent graphics, and user friendly interface. All the options and settings have been placed so carefully that even the most “technically challenged” guy on earth will find it exceedingly easy to run and play the game without getting paralyzed by any sort of difficulties. The game enables you to plan and execute an entire railroad. You can turn on and off the controls, fix the meters, place various objects near the rail tracks such as trees, houses etc. You can even paint and redesign the looks of these infrastructures according to your personal taste. And when everything is ready, simply enjoy watching your trains pass-by through the tracks that you yourself planned and designed. The game also has an outstanding night view mode. Green Works Ltd also offers a handful of extension packs as well as a massive collection of engines and rolling stocks, making sure in the process that the “rail-roaders” do not get stuck in the limitations imposed by predictability and commonality.

All in all, Rule the Rail! 1.5 does pretty well as a rail-road simulator program with its decent graphics and large variations. Hence it gets a score of four rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Plan. Build. Control. See a fully functional plotting table on your screen. If you've ever been struck in amazement by the miniature, colorful, and alive world of toy trains and wanted to plan your system and place every tiny house and tree accordingly. If you ever have wanted the ability to turn controls on and off, set the meters, and watch the trains buzz by, or be able to switch off the lights in your room and see how the night lights up in dozens of small bulbs, then try Rule the Rail.
Great graphics, easy to use interface, and downloadable extension packs to have a really big collection of engines and rolling stocks. If you would like to build the model railway of your dreams, it is time to try Rule the Rail!
You can move and place every little objects, paint the buildings, control the trains manually or with automated switches. Rule the Rail! has a beautiful night view mode, it depends only on you, how your world will look like.
Huge number of downloadable works - made by Rule the Rail! enthusiasts - are available on the Rule the Rail! hompage.
Detailed tutorial and manual are also included.
Rule the Rail!
Rule the Rail!
Version 1.5
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